hello! my name is gay anime trash (or garrett)! I'm twenty-one, an english education major, and occasionally angry (but not an angry person). my pronouns are ze/hir, and I identify as nonbinary, ULTRAGENDER, asexual, and panromantish. I'm also white, able-bodied, and possibly autistic(??). NOT sex-positive. I post a lot of selfies, many of which can be accessed by clicking my "Like my selfies just do it" link. a few things I enjoy are buffy the vampire slayer, doctor who, pokémon, musical theater, the music of amanda palmer, homestuck, writing, and capybaras. currently caring for a lovely pair of rats (alba and nim) and a small corn snake (aiobheann). I may or may not be married. drop me an ask if you ever want to talk!

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